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Brush Keeper

PREORDER Brush Keeper Pro SET

PREORDER Brush Keeper Pro SET

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The Brush Keeper Pro set includes 1 Brush Keeper Pro and 1 Eco-Brush.

BrushKeeper is not only handy and low cost, but EcoBrush in combination with Brushkeeper is the most durable brush there is due to the savings of millions of disposable brushes per year and a lot of chemical waste such as turpentine and foil with paint.

For example, BrushKeeper consists of recyclable PET bottles, stainless steel cans, synthetic hair (suitable for both acrylic and alkyd), FSC-approved painted steel, recyclable packaging and counter display and everything from BrushKeeper is permanently produced in the Netherlands with the smallest possible CO2 footprint. 

  • Stainless steel bus ensures no rust when left in liquid.
  • Self cleaning when left in water or turpentine (depending on type of paint used)
  • Durable synthetic brush suitable for most types of paint.


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