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Parlor Baseball - Laser Cut Board Game

Parlor Baseball - Laser Cut Board Game

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Take a rainy day and sit down to a game fun for all ages!

A roll of the dice and you're in a challenging baseball game right at home!

Game comes complete with Game top, custom box, game tokens for play, and pair of dice, 

Game board measures approximately 12" x 8.5".

Customization is available on this item.  

This game is typically cut on maple or prefinished maple 1/4" hardwood veneer plywood.  The "batters" can be cut on different species of ply or colored acrylic.  Please note, if we do not have the color you request it may delay your order.  We will do our best to accommodate most colors.

Wood options we provide are maple, prefinished maple, oak, poplar, cedar, and walnut.  Please specify any requests with your order!

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