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The Salty Lick Mercantile

Vintage Style Ornament Paint Kit

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Feeling a little nostalgic this year? Well in the words of Blackstreet, we’re gonna go way back, back into time…with these groovy vintage style ornament paint kits. 

We are letting you pick your style, your wood trim type, and your color scheme, to make these ornaments totally you.

Each ornament is 2 layers (bottom layer is 1/8" birch, top layer is cut from 1/4" hardwood veneer ply and can be walnut, cedar, or maple)

Each kit comes with your choice of 3 color palettes, wood glue, and a standard artist brush. Please note the ornament only option includes only the wood cut outs for the ornament.

Isles Ave palette includes: Isles Ave, Higgins Lake, Madrid & Turmeric

Goldenrod palette includes: Goldenrod, Poppy, Spanish Olive & Prussian Blue

Botanical palette includes: Botanical, Atomic Blue, Republic Red & Cleopatra Gold